Altus now supports pan and zoom replication in split screen view

After our post last week introducing split-screen viewing in Altus, we received another request from a client: “Is it possible to replicate the pan and zoom activity of the split windows?” In other words, if there are four split windows on the screen, and the user uses pan and zoom gestures in one of the windows, is it possible for the views in all four windows to move synchronously based on those gestures? The answer is yes, and here is a demonstration:

As the user is panning and zooming in one window, you can see that all four windows mimic the same motions. As the video progresses, you can see that this works even when there are complex animations occurring in some of the windows. You can also see that a pre-recorded flight path can be played simultaneously in all of the windows.

Are you working with mapping apps and thinking, “I need a mapping engine that can do _____”? Chances are, the Altus mapping engine can create the capability you are looking for. Contact BA3 today.

BA3 Altus Mapping Engine now handles split screen, quad-split viewing, and the performance is stunning

Over the past week, a request from a client has resulted in split screen viewing in the BA3 Altus Mapping Engine. So if you are creating an app on the iPad or Android and you want to provide your users with a split screen view, it is now possible and easy to implement in Altus. The performance with multiple windows active is stunning. Here is a demonstration with 4 simultaneous windows running on an iPad 3:

Note that each window can have its own animation running. And it is possible to split things up more - we have tested with sixteen windows on the screen simultaneously.

We do not believe there is another mapping engine on the planet that can do something like this. If you want maximum performance, maximum capabilities and maximum features for your mapping applications, consider the BA3 Altus Mapping Engine.

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