The BA3 Altus product line is a high end, high performance tool for creating advanced mapping apps and products on any platform (Learn more about Altus’s advanced capabilities here). There are three different ways to license Altus for your organization: Enterprise, App and Free.

Altus is most commonly used by enterprise clients. Enterprise clients normally purchase support and training in addition to per-seat licensing for the mapping engine across one or more platforms.

If you have a normal app in the App store and need Altus’ advanced capabilities, the Enterprise licensing model may not work for you. In these cases BA3 asks for a 10% cut of app revenue.

What if you have a free app in the App store, are working on a university project, or you simply want to experiment with the engine? You are free to download the SDK and work with it. There is plenty of documentation, sample code, etc. to help you get started and work with the features of the engine. This is a full version of the public engine - it is not limited or crippled in any way. There is simply a watermark that identifies the SDK as an unlicensed version. If you get your app working and would like to remove the watermark, we can supply you with a license key upon execution of the BA3 free license agreement. If you need support during experimentation, we are happy to work with you under an hourly support contract where you pre-purchase 6 hours of support for $900.

Have questions? Please send them to [email protected].

Please tell us a little about you. We'll send you the Altus SDK download link.