Monday, March 31st, 2014 at 6:12 am by — Category: News

If you look back at BA3′s blog for the month of March 2013, it was an exciting time. The BA3 Altus Mapping Engine had just appeared in the marketplace in its first significant app on iOS.

In the year since last March, the exiting times have continued - BA3 has made a number of important announcements:

  1. Altus ported to Android, and has since been used in an Android aviation app from AvNav.
  2. Altus ported to OSX - its first desktop platform. This port facilitated…
  3. The MapShop product for the processing and styling of vector maps appeared. Mapshop can handle OpenStreetMap, Natural Earth, Esri shape files and custom vector sources and export them for use in Altus.
  4. Altus ported to Windows 8, facilitating a Panasonic demo app that appeared at CES
  5. Altus ported to the web, where it is now at the Alpha stage.

Along the way, a large number of features and capabilities have been added, including the ability to handle up to a million markers, the TAWS capability, hazard avoidance capability, WMS abilities, terrain profiling, high-performance vector map rendering, the ability to show highly stylized maps and floor plans, the virtual vector map system, 4D weather processing and much more.

In addition, BA3 is now working with large enterprise clients and has a complete product line for the enterprise. Enterprises are using the BA3 mapping engine to improve their product offerings in the mapping space, consolidate their server pipelines for mapping data, dramatically improve developer productivity, display Esri data and custom data, and reduce their dependencies on things like Google Maps.

Looking to the future, BA3 has four goals:

  1. Increase the usefulness and capabilities of the BA3 Altus Mapping Engine for enterprise clients.
  2. Provide value in additional industry verticals. Aviation is one area where Altus is providing strong value today. BA3 is expanding into verticals like oil&gas, asset management, real estate, municipal mapping, etc.
  3. Create add-on products for Altus that make Altus easier to use and apps easier to develop.
  4. Create a consumer-level product for mapping.


If you have ideas, suggestions, feedback, new use cases or questions, we would love to hear from you - contact BA3 today.