WingX Pro7 Mentioned in MacWorld

July 31st, 2011

The Norwegian edition of Macworld recently had an article discussing use of the iPad in aviation. The article, here, is in Norwegian. Google translate does a pretty good of translating the article here.

From the translated article:

Out with 20-30 kg of paper
It is not uncommon for pilots leading scheduled to handle 20 pounds and more with documents on board the aircraft. When we talk about both printed manuals, lists used during security checks, log books, documents, navigation, meteorological prints, airport charts and much more. Now it may therefore be an end to all this paper. iPad will make the paper redundant through

iPad Use in the Cockpit

smart apps that paves the way for a truly paperless cockpit, writes New York Times .

In total there are now over 250 iPhone and iPad apps related to flight. Examples of such apps as you and I can buy at the iTunes Store, has been flight and WingX Pro7, which is also used professionally. Checklist app made flight can be purchased from the iTunes App Store. FAA has given authorization to a handful of liner companies and charter companies that they can use a Tablet PC as Electronic flybag, writes New York Times.”

This article appeared before we launched our synthetic vision system. It will be interesting to see how the mainstream media responds to that.


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