WingX Synthetic Vision FAQ

July 23rd, 2011

Our partner, Hilton Software LLC, sent out this FAQ today:

WingX Pro7 Synthetic Vision
Frequently Asked Questions

July 2011


We have received a tremendous response from our Synthetic Vision announcement.  We wanted to send out a quick email answering some of the questions we have been receiving.  If you have a question that is not answered in this email, please stop by Booth 3083 (Hangar C) at Airventure or reply to this email with your questions (we will have limited phone support next week, we’ll be in Oshkosh).

When will the app be available on iTunes or the App Store?
WingX Pro7 Version 6 has been approved.  According to Apple: “Note that it may take up to 24 hours before your app is live on the App Store.”

Is the new Synthetic Vision free?
While we wish we could give it away, it has cost us significant effort and resources and we have kids to put through school.  The Synthetic Vision functionality is just $99/yr.

How do I sign-up for WingX Pro7 Synthetic Vision?
You will need to upgrade to Version 6 (free upgrade from the App Store).  Then from the main menu, Tap on Tools, WingX Pro7.  Then tap on the Synthetic Vision’s $99.95 button and complete the subscription.  Tap on the Download Databases button in the top-left to download the new high-resolution terrain database for the Synthetic Vision.

iPad 1 or iPad 2?
WingX Pro7′s Synthetic Vision runs on both iPad 1 and iPad2.  However, the iPad 2 has a faster dual-core CPU and much better graphics hardware.  The Synthetic Vision is therefore snappier and more responsive on the iPad 2 and the graphics quality is better.  We do recommend the iPad 2.

Do I need the 3G iPad?
The 3G iPad has a built-in GPS receiver, the WiFi-only iPad does not.  The most common setup is to use the 3G iPad with its internal GPS receiver.  Alternatively, you can use an external GPS receiver such as the DUAL GPS.  WingX Pro7 will use the GPS data from the SkyRadar ADS-B receiver’s WAAS-enabled GPS receiver.

What about memory?
Because of our advanced compression and storage technologies, the maximum amount of memory that WingX Pro7 requires is about 3GB including all the approach charts, sectionals, IFR low/high enroutes charts, and high-resolution terrain data for Synthetic Vision.  Therefore the 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB versions are suitable.

Do I need the Skyradar ADS-B and the Levil AHRS hardware?
No, WingX Pro7′s Synthetic Vision will work without ADS-B or AHRS.  If you do not have an AHRS device, your Synthetic Vision view will not show pitch or bank, but otherwise you will have full functionality including runways, obstacle and terrain shading etc.  The ADS-B receiver is a seperate system for in-flight weather and has nothing to do with the new Synthetic Vision.  Note that since both the ADS-B weather receiver and the AHRS device use WiFi to connect to the iPad, the iPad can only connect to either ADS-B or AHRS at one time.  We are working with OEMs to allow WingX Pro7 to interface with both units simultaneously and hope to provide additional information in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for your support.  Without our loyal and fast growing customer base we would not be able to develop such amazing technology and make it available at just a fraction of what the ‘big boys’ are charging.


Have a great weekend and for those of you heading to Airventure, have a very safe flight,

Support Team
Hilton Software LLC



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