Airventure 2011 Press Conference

July 28th, 2011

Speaking at an AirVenture 2011 press conference in Oshkosh, WI, Dr. Hilton Goldstein discusses Hilton Software’s strategic partnership with BA3, LLC and what is was like working with BA3 to integrate our synthetic vision system. He also discusses plans for our continued partnership moving forward.

Here’s an excerpt: “Quite frankly, I cannot say enough good things about the company. Our synthetic vision is now unrivaled in the industry. I don’t we’ll even have a rival for many months or even years to come. We will continue to build on our relationship and are extremely happy with working with them.”


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Hilton Goldstein, founder of Hilton Software, announces the integration of BA3's synthetic vision capability into WingX Pro in this announcement video and describes the new functionality.
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