Tutorial 10 — Vector Lines, Part I

Displaying vector lines in the BA3 Altus Mapping Engine

Step 1

Let's first bring in the code for this tutorial and run it to see what this new app can do. If you have been working through all of the tutorials (if not please see Tutorial 1), type:

git checkout tutorial10

Run the app. Tap the button labeled "Route — Off" and note the line that is drawn from Raleigh, NC to San Francisco, CA.

Review the source files SimpleRoutePlanner.h and SimpleRoutePlanner.m.

This is an implementation of a simple route planning system and this tutorial is the first step.

Header file:

Relevant Implementation Details

Adding a vector map:

Update geometry on a vector map:

You can learn more about the Altus Mapping Engine classes used in this tutorial in the Documentation. If you have any questions about the Altus Mapping Engine, any feature requests or suggestions for improving the Altus Mapping Engine, please send them to [email protected].