AltusDemo — Reference Application

Once you’re familiar with the basics described in these tutorials and you want to explore more features of the Altus Mapping Engine on Android you should check out AltusDemo.

AltusDemo is available here:

AltusDemo is an application that makes use of many advanced features of the Altus Mapping Engine, including:

  • World-wide offline vector maps
  • High-detail offline city street vector maps
  • Offline maps produced from geopdf and geotif files
  • World-wide labeling with clustered markers
  • Marker hit-testing
  • Terrain rendering
  • Track-Up moving maps
  • Track-Up Forward moving maps
  • Online satellite maps
  • Offline MBTiles maps
  • Simulated aircraft flights
  • Animated vector maps
  • Vector lines
  • Vector polygons

Video: BA3 Altus Mapping Engine - For Android 1.0

You can learn more about the Altus Mapping Engine classes used in this tutorial in the Documentation. If you have any questions about the Altus Mapping Engine, any feature requests or suggestions for improving the Altus Mapping Engine, please send them to [email protected].