Horizon Synthetic Vision Announced - Integrated Into WingX

July 18th, 2011

Today, Hilton Software LLC, creators of WingX Pro7 for iPad, announced their strategic partnership with us and our development of a 3D synthetic vision system for aircraft pilots integrated into their product line. We have been working on this project for quite some time and we’re pleased to be able to announce it today.

WingX Pro7 Version 6 with Synthetic Vision (click for full image)

The motivation for putting synthetic vision into the cockpit is primarily safety, particularly for general aviation pilots who typically have less flight hours and have faced fewer heavy work load situations than commercial and certainly military pilots. Synthetic vision helps improve a pilot’s situational awareness in poor weather conditions or reduced visibility.

Synthetic vision is not a new idea, but existing systems are very expensive. Now, with the power of mobile platforms like the iPhone and iPad, synthetic vision is something that can now be brought to the masses.

WingX Pro7’s new Synthetic Vision depicts 3D terrain using its high-resolution terrain database, obstacles using a comprehensive obstacle database, and airport runways. Terrain and obstacles that are above or slightly below the airplane’s altitude are shaded red and yellow respectively. Also displayed are speed and altitude tapes and a Zero Pitch Line that shows the aircraft’s altitude in relation to nearby terrain. Pilots can move to any airport in the country and can look around the airport in all directions and at all altitudes by sliding their finger over the Synthetic Vision view. This enables pilots to visualize a preferred route of arrival or departure for the airport. The Synthetic Vision can be displayed full-screen or simultaneously with other charts such as a VFR sectional or geo-referenced approach chart using WingX Pro7’s unique split screen view.

Dr. Goldstein, founder of Hilton Software LLC says “When we delivered WingX Pro7 Version 5 with its split-screen, terrain overlays on enroute charts, and ADS-B in-flight weather, many of our customers said that WingX Pro7 had all the features we could add. To the contrary, we were just getting started and Version 6 shows how we continue to push the envelope. This latest solution reduces the avionics cost to the homebuilt and experimental markets and provides an inexpensive backup and cross-reference display for all pilots. In our boldest move yet, we continue to shift the convention away from dedicated systems with high annual subscription fees. At just $99 per year, WingX Pro7’s new AHRS-driven Synthetic Vision is incredibly disruptive technology and we are proud to be leading the way. We are the leader and it is exciting.”

Key members of our team will be present at Airventure this year, very likely hanging around Hilton Software’s booth. We hope to see you there!


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