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If you are a developer who has been using Google Maps for internal or external projects, you are probably well aware of the problems and limitations of the platform. For example:

  1. You don’t have a lot of control over markers - marker support is very limited
  2. Just a little bit of customization or layering slows Google Maps down. If you put 3 or 4 vector routes on a map, it bogs down
  3. Fancy or intricate overlays can be nearly impossible
  4. It is difficult to develop a web map and an iOS/Android app map that look alike
  5. You may have trouble getting maps for Asia
  6. Base map options are limited or you have no control
  7. And so on

Are you looking for a powerful, high-performance alternative to Google Maps? A replacement for Google Maps that will let you show all of your corporate data with style and fluidity? The BA3 Altus Mapping Engine has impressive advantages over Google Maps:

  1. Your data, your way - choose any base map you like from a variety of sources:
    • Any tile provider, like MapBox, MapQuest or custom tiles streaming in from the Internet
    • Any WMS data source
    • MBTiles files on device or streaming in
    • Any raster assets, like FAA charts, geoTiffs, getPDFs, aerial photos, etc., either on device or streaming
    • Terrain layers on device or streaming
    • Vector base layers derived from OpenStreetMap, Natural Earth, Esri shape files or custom vector data sources
  2. Impressive marker support - Use any icons for your markers, animate markers, display thousands of markers simultaneously, create clickable markers, etc.
  3. Impressive layering - Overlay a base map with vectors, polygons, a million markers, raster files (with alpha) and animated weather - it all works fluidly and intuitively for your users.
  4. Vector tiles - Display your vector maps from OSM, Esri, etc. easily in Altus.
  5. Learn once, run anywhere multi-platform - Learn one mapping engine and then use the same concepts on iOS, Android, Windows 8, OSX, etc. The Altus Mapping Engine is the same C++ code running on all platforms, so it works identically on all platforms.

Bring all of these advantages to your mapping apps today with the BA3 Altus Mapping Engine - a high-performance, highly capable replacement for Google Maps. Contact BA3 today.

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Markers, vectors, polygons and animated weather all in one view over a custom base map - this is easy to do with Altus, impossible to do in Google Maps