BA3′s Lots Application Shows How Beautiful Custom Maps Can be in the Altus Mapping Engine
Thursday, December 5th, 2013 at 5:41 am by — Category: Demo

As the audience of developers using the Altus Mapping Engine expands, the flexibility of the engine expands as well. The Lots application shows one example of that expansion.

Imagine a real estate company that would like to create an appealing and customer-friendly interactive map. The map shows a subdivision development and the available lots therein. The Lots application shows how beautiful a map like that can be:

Zooming in on features of the development:

This map can also have interactive capabilities. As lots in the subdivision become available or are sold, the map can change according using a simple user interface that a Realtor manipulates.

Does your company need an innovative, interactive and/or beautiful map for your customers?

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