BA3 Altus Mapping Engine Video on Android shows the amazing capabilities possible with Altus
Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 at 8:41 am by — Category: Uncategorized

Bruce just installed Android KitKat (4.4) on his (version 1) Nexus 7. It allows native screen recording on device now with the right command-line incantations. He made a video demonstrating one of our reference applications for Android:

The purpose of these reference apps is to demonstrate the different capabilities of the mapping engine, and also to provide developers with example source code that they can extend. In the video you see:

  • (0:02 - 0:20) Mapbox satellite tile set on the sphere
  • (0:21 - 0:25) Mapquest streets tile set
  • (0:26 - 0:35) FAA sectional - ~50MB raster file on the sphere
  • (0:35 - 0:50) Vectors on the sphere. This is detailed OpenStreetMap data for Houston (along with political boundaries and water for the rest of the planet) extracted from the OSM full database with MapShop, styled and compressed into a tiny vector file.
  • (0:50 - 1:00) Terrain data on the sphere
  • (1:00 - end) High-speed flight path playback over Mapbox satellite tiles (simulated airspeed approximately mach 2)

If you have questions about Altus products and services, the demonstration code or licensing, please contact us at: [email protected]. Also, any feedback, comments or suggestions that you have are always greatly appreciated.