A Beautiful Use of High Performance Mapping Capabilities in the Real World
Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 at 4:50 am by — Category: Demo News

In this video, a beautiful new mapping feature is discussed - approach plates and airport diagrams appear geo-referenced right onto the map, with opacity and overlay layers easily adjusted:

New Plates on Maps How-To

It is easy for you to bring advanced capabilities like this to life with BA3′s Altus Mapping Engine, and to maintain a fluid, beautiful user interface in the process. Contact BA3 for more information at our contact page.

The public and critical response to new features like these has been amazing. For example:

ForeFlight Gets Even Better with Version 5.3


Marking the sixth major software update of the year, ForeFlight has introduced some great new features to the latest version of its Mobile flight app that received rave reviews from pilots at AirVenture last week — before the update was even available.

The newest version, ForeFlight Mobile 5.3, can now overlay approach plates and airport diagrams directly onto a sectional or IFR low en route chart, oriented where the chart should be in relation to the airport. A georeferenced airplane symbol is shown on the display in track-up or north-up viewing modes.

Another feature IFR pilots are sure to fall in love with is the addition of flight plan alerts that will automatically update your route of flight as soon as the information is released by ATC — normally about 10 minutes before your planned departure time. Another cool update is an aerial map page that let’s you see a bird’s eye view of where you intend to fly.



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