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This content is targeted at developers and is written and maintained by the Altus Mapping Engine engineering team. If you are interested in general information and feature highlights, Please visit the BA3 Home Page and blog. You may also enjoy watching available videos and demonstrations on the BA3 YouTube Channel.

Altus is powerful and the SDK around it is powerful as well. If you have hit the performance limitations of common-off-the-shelf GIS software, or you have finally decided that all that time you're spending trying to get open-source solutions to meet your needs, then Altus may be for you. A wide range of developers have ramped up and are using Altus in projects on every operating system. Show-case commercial examples include ForeFlight, Panasonic Weather Solutions, AvNav and RocketRoute. In the transportation sector, Altus is driving applications that range from jumbo-jets to buses to hikers. In the hobby sector, Altus is being used to navigate drones and geo-locate friends' photos. What can you do with Altus?

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