Browser Support

Altus Web fully supports the following WebGL-enabled browsers on desktop (non-mobile) operating systems:

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge

CORS Issues

Some browsers will restrict cross-origin HTTP request which can prevent Altus from initializing when you are loading pages from your local file system.

In Google Chrome, such an error looks something like this in the console:

XMLHttpRequest cannot load file://AltusWeb.html.mem. Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource.
Uncaught could not load memory initializer AltusWeb.html.mem

Here are some ways to work around CORS issues when working locally:

Google Chrome - OSX

  1. Quit Chrome
  2. In a terminal run:
/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --disable-web-security

Google Chrome - Windows

  1. Quit Chrome
  2. In a command prompt run:
Chrome.exe --disable-web-security

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your Firefox web browser and type about:config into the URL bar.
  2. Agree to the statement about risk and do a search for security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy
  3. Set it to false


  1. In Preferences, check "Show Develop in menu bar"
  2. In the Develop menu, check "Disable Local File Restrictions"

Mobile Browsers

Altus Web will run on several mobile web browsers (Android Chrome, iOS Safari, etc.) but we do not currently recommend using Altus Web on mobile operating systems. If you require support for mobile operating systems, we suggest using Altus iOS or Altus Android. Both are avilable from

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