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AltusUnified::DynamicMarkerMap Class Reference

A dynamic marker map. Use this map to show markers that can move. Every marker is drawn every frame (they are not broken up into tiles). More...

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Public Member Functions

 DynamicMarkerMap (string name)
 Constructor More...
uint addMarkers (VectorDynamicMarker markers)
 Adds markers to this map. More...
void removeMarker (DynamicMarker marker)
 Remove a marker from this map. More...
DynamicMarker getMarker (string markerName)
 Retrieves a marker from this map given a name. More...
 Public Member Functions inherited from AltusUnified::MarkerMap
void setDelegate (MarkerMapDelegate delegate)
 Sets the delegate for this map. This must be called before adding the map to the scene. More...
void setDepthRead (BooleanState depthRead)
 Turns depth testing on or off for this map. When on, markers can be occluded by other geometry, such as terrain. However, it can be difficult to get desirable results with this. For best results, create markers with an altitude that is significantly above the terrain, and having an anchorPoint at the bottom of the marker. If the anchorPoint is in the middle of the marker and the marker has an altitude of 0, when the camera is tilted, half of the marker will be below the Earth surface and not invisible. More...
VectorMarkerData getVisibleMarkers ()
 Returns the list of markers in this map that are visible. More...
 Public Member Functions inherited from AltusUnified::Map
string getName ()
 Retrieves the name of this map. More...
void setAlpha (double alpha)
 Sets the alpha transparency of the map. More...
void setOrder (uint order)
 Set the map order (which maps get drawn first). More...
void setPriority (int priority)
 Set the map priority, used for queing downloads, for example. More...
void setMaxLevel (uint level)
 Sets the maximum level of the map. The higher the level, the more detail the map will display as you zoom in. More...
void setVisibility (bool visible)
 Sets the visibility of the map. More...
void setLightingParameters (float minLightness, bool nightAlphaMaskEnabled)
 Sets lighting parameters. More...
MapType getMapType ()
 Retrieves the type of this map. More...
void reload ()
 Reload this map. More...
void reloadRegion (BoundingBox boundingBox)
 Reload a region of this map. More...

Detailed Description

A dynamic marker map. Use this map to show markers that can move. Every marker is drawn every frame (they are not broken up into tiles).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AltusUnified::DynamicMarkerMap::DynamicMarkerMap ( string  name)


nameThe map name.

Member Function Documentation

uint AltusUnified::DynamicMarkerMap::addMarkers ( VectorDynamicMarker  markers)

Adds markers to this map.

markersThe list of markers to add
DynamicMarker AltusUnified::DynamicMarkerMap::getMarker ( string  markerName)

Retrieves a marker from this map given a name.

markerNameThe marker name
void AltusUnified::DynamicMarkerMap::removeMarker ( DynamicMarker  marker)

Remove a marker from this map.

markerThe marker