AltusMarker Command Line

AltusMarker v2.0.ut-2153-g60764257e
AltusMarker - Altus Mapping Engine Marker Map Generator.
This program is for creating an Altus compatible clustered marker map databases, or 
optionally, adding (injecting) Altus Marker Map database tables into an existing sqlite database.
You can also optionally use this program to create a JSON representation of your input marker data.
This program is intended for scenarios where the number of geographic points of interest
to be clustered would take too long to do on a portable device.
You can provide data for your markers 2 ways, as a tab-delimited file, or from a sqlite database.
Setting the -sql parameter to a valid query string implies the source is a sqlite database.
If the output is an existing sqlite database file, marker data will be added to the existing database.
The same sqlite data can be the input and output file (previously called marker injection).
Tab Delimited Input:
Tab-delimited text file columns should be:
   1) Marker metadata (i.e. "New York")
   2) Latitude (i.e. "-45.32")
   3) Longitude (i.e. "53.01")
   4) Weight (i.e. "1002.231")
   5) Minimum level (i.e. "5")
Column 4, Weight, and column 5, Minimum level, are optional and will default to 0.
The higher a marker's weight, the more importance is placed on it being displayed
during rendering in the Altus Mapping Engine.
The -clusterdistance option controls how close in screen points at render-time that
clustered markers may be to one another. If any two clustered marker gets closer than
this distance, the one with the higher weight will be chosen and the other will fade.
SQLite Input
In this scenario, the input file is an existing sqlite database that contains your marker data.
You will provide a SQL query on the command-line that is used to get the marker data.
For example, this query:
SELECT metadata, longitude, latitude, weight, 0 FROM MyTable
would be run to get marker data.
The output file can be the same as the input file, but note that you must specify a 
table name prefix (see -tnp option) if you wish to have side-by-side clustered
marker tables in the same sqlite file.
NOTES: 1) This program requires sqlite R-Tree support. 2) Not all of your source markers will necessarily
be added, especially if they overlap each other, you choose a small cluster distance, or choose a low level. Copyright (c) 2016 BA3, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
USAGE: AltusMarker [OPTIONS]
-cd, --cluster_distance ARG          Controls screen unit distance between
                                     clustered markers.
-h, --help ARG                       Display usage instructions.
-i, --input_file ARG                 Tab-delimited or sqlite file containing
                                     marker data. If sqlite, you must specify a
                                     valid sql query string using the -sql
-json, --output_json                 Output JSON representation.
-lk, --license_key ARG               Commercial-use license key. (i.e.
-maxX, --maximum_x ARG               East-most edge of output map data.
-maxY, --maximum_y ARG               Northern-most edge of output map data.
-minX, --minimum_x ARG               West-most edge of output map data.
-minY, --minimum_y ARG               Southern-most edge of output map data.
-ml, --max_level ARG                 Maximum level to generate. If not
                                     specified, the optimum level will be
                                     computed automatically.
-o, --output_file ARG                Name of sqlite file to create or to add to.
-sql, --sql_select_statement ARG     A sql statement that will return markers
                                     data needed for clustering.
-tnp, --table_name_prefix ARG        Prefix all generated tables with this
                                     prefix. Use with -im option.
-us_bounds, --united_states_bounds   Use continental United States bounds.
-zorder ARG                          
Command line usage:
Create a marker map from a tab-delimited text file:
AltusMarker -i Places.txt\
    -zorder 100 \
    -ml 20 \
    -cd 100 \
    -o Places.sqlite
AltusMarker v2.0.ut-2153-g60764257e Copyright (c) 2016 BA3, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Built from commit: 60764257e4ba51dd571dee9d649af206c6fe58ff

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