The Altus Mapping Engine and the Altus Server tools are extremely powerful abd sophisticated enterprise software systems that are created, maintained, and supported by expert software developers that are employees of BA3. While the Altus SDK, binaries, tools, documentation, and numerous code samples are freely available to all developers, the right (license) to use Altus in a commercial product is not "free".

When not licensed, Altus displays a watermark on screen. This can be turned off by acquiring a license key.

How do I Get a License Key?

If you are a licensee, you can visit the BA3 Developer Portal to get or generate a license key. Activating the license key on the client disables the BA3 Watermark. Using an Altus Server program license key on a commmand line unlocks the ability to use a server program for data processing.

Is Altus Open Source?

No. Not at this time.

But, we are quite familiar with and we rather admire some of the Open Source and/or Free initiatives in the GIS space. And we desire very much to support that community (and we have by sponsoring conferences like State of the Map). From time-to-time we also sponsor events, talks, and get-togethers to support the GIS community in general. In fact, Altus can even consume data from many of the open-source GIS platforms (as well as the commercial platforms).

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