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Important Information about Improving the Health Sector of Pakistan

One thing that everyone needs to understand is that Pakistan may be having some issues because it is a developing country. Some of the issues that Pakistan faces include poverty, lack of enough energy supply and not so good health and education systems. Pakistan has not prioritized health for a long time even it being one of the main human basic rights. There was some statistics that were collected by the world health organization in the year 2013 which showed that Pakistan is at number 122 in the 190 countries involved. The first thing that should be understood is the meaning of health system while trying to make it better.

It is important for you to know that the health system involves not only the clinicians and hospitals, but also all things that affect the health of individuals either directly or indirectly. The health sector consists of the hospitals, urban planning, nutrition, food, environment as well as some other many sectors that help in the determination of the health of people in a region. That means that for the health sectors to be better, more should be done and not just constructing hospitals and getting more clinicians. For the health sector of Pakistan to improve, all components involved in the health sector should be incorporated. The other important consideration that should be made in order to make the health sector in Pakistan better is reshaping the model of the health system that is being used at present.

For the health status of the people of Pakistan to improve, the health system needs to be based on the preventive approach and not the usual curative approach. That means that there is great need to find ways of improving public health. It is also important to understand that there is need to move from the clinician approach and focus on the public health approach. That can provide good ways for survival and improve the health status of the people of Pakistan. It is therefore necessary to make amendments to the health policy being used currently as it also developed to suit public health. Currently, there are not enough institutes available in the country that offer preventive medicine health studies.

For the country to produce public health experts who have specialized skills, there is need to have more professional institutes that offer preventive medicine courses only. It is also important for the government to offer the right support to such institutes in ways such as giving them the funding that they need for them to gain stability and sustainability in the end. For that matter, it is a good thing to know that there is need to work on public health since that is the only way that the health sector of Pakistan can work. That should be made a priority so that changing from the clinicians’ model to the public health model can be possible. Through that, it is certain that the health sector in Pakistan will have some improvement.

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