Altus Server is an efficient, consolidated server pipeline for processing all map data sources. Data is refined to a unified format that can be streamed or downloaded to devices. Data assets produced by Altus Server are identical on all mapping engine platforms. If the company desires it, all developers across the company can access all mapping assets instantly and include them in their applications. Or mapping assets can be siloed on a department-by-department basis, with each department managing its own assets and server pipelines. There is one server component for each map data type:

  • Altus Raster – Processes geoTiffs, geoPDFs, aerial photos, FAA charts, etc.for display in the Altus Mapping Engine.
  • Altus Terrain – Processes terrain data for creation of terrain base layers.
  • Altus Marker – Processes static marker layers up to one million markers.
  • Altus Vector – Processes vector layers produced by MapShop.
  • Altus Weather – Processes various forms of weather data.
  • Altus Package - Converts assets produced by other server components into portable, optimized, files for offline use.


If you have questions about Altus products and services, the demonstration code or licensing, please contact us at: [email protected]

Any feedback, comments or suggestions that you have would also be greatly appreciated.