BA3 services several different types of clients who work in very different ways. For example, if you are selling a $3 app in the App Store, then the Enterprise licensing model does not work at all for you. If you are a military contractor writing apps for the Army under a $20 million contract, 10% of revenue may not work at all for you. This is why we offer several different models.

$999* + 10%

We offer a standard upfront charge plus 10%-of-revenue model. Any revenue the app makes, BA3 asks for 10%.

*per operating system


We offer volume pricing. For example, if you need 50,000 seats, we charge a per-seat price of $12.50.


We offer a capped price. For example, if you need more than 100,000 seats or more, we agree on a capped fee such as $1 million.


We work with enterprise clients one-on-one to create a bundle of products and services that perfectly meets your unique needs.

Standard Support Options Included with All Programs

  • API documentation
  • Developer wiki
  • Code samples
  • Tutorials
  • Reference application
  • Low-priority email support (based on technical support free cycles)
  • Per-instance support escalation

Premium Support Options

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  • High priority email support
  • High priority phone support
  • Code review and best-practices recommendations

Premium Professional Services

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  • Application Design
  • Prioritized custom feature additions
  • On-site implementation and integration
  • Data conversion
  • Integration with other systems

Does your app need the performance, power, features and flexibility of the BA3 Altus Mapping Engine? Does your company have special needs or a special situation? Talk to BA3 today!