Latest Release

Version: v2.0.ut.2153.g60764257e

Published: Tuesday, May 16, 2022

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Release Notes

Changes since the last build (v2.0.ut.2131.g1fd674f) include:

  • Performance Improvements
  • Fix sphere model normals.
  • Increase ambient light for models.
  • Reorient labels so they are always facing up.
  • Add VirtualMarkerMap to the object model.
  • Add SetTesselationThreshold and SetStaticStyles to VirtualMap.
  • Add const to Triangulator functions.
  • Add Mapbox tile providers to other languages.
  • Make labels render faster and look better by rendering one label per draw call (instead of one letter), and make each letter bend into the next one instead of being treated independently.
  • Add Mapbox label and marker tile providers.
  • Add Mapbox marker and label extraction.
  • Add Rename ClipPolygons to SubdevidePolygons because it wasn't clipping them, and create a ClipPolygons so we can clip polygons to tile boundaries.
  • Skip converting polygon coordinates to geos types since the types appear to be the same now.
  • Do not generate polygon edges for known styles in Mapbox vector tiles.
  • Fix pieces of vector geometry missing from non-dynamic vector tiles.
  • Add StaticStyles so we can avoid generating polygon outlines during vector map tile creation.