Printing With Altus Web

Because the Altus canvas is WebGL based, some browers will not always print a page containing an Altus Map View very well. This is because WebGL context is likely to be clearing and rendering ever few milliseconds. If you print a page and the map view is all black, your browser may be having problems.

In order to have a reliable way to print from it, you must grab the image from the render target after it is rendered and before the next frame begins. This page demonstrates one way to achieve that and print a map that is being rendered by Altus. Additionaly, this example uses css to target A4 paper size.

Just find a location you like on the map below and try to print it. If there are issues, use printer-friendly mode and try again.

Printing Controls - Hides the PrintingDiv and you see the Altus div beneath it.

- Copies the Altus view data into an image in a hidden div (PrintingDiv), then shows the PrintingDiv. The page is laid out to have the hidden PrintingDiv absolutely aligned on top of the Altus div. (z-index:1, whereas altus is assigned z-index:0).